Jet Ski Rentals Cost Dana Point CA

Wondering what Jet Ski Rentals cost in Dana Point CA? See our rates below. Pure Watersports is careful to maintain all jet ski rentals so that you will enjoy your ride. Individuals from the age of 16 can ride a jet ski. Call us and secure your reservation for fun on the water. Pure Watersports, located in Dana Point Harbor, has the best rates on jet ski rentals.

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Cost of Jet Ski Rentals in Dana Point CA

Select the right cost, day, and time that’s right for you and your family.
Weekday Jet Ski Rental Cost: 
Morning Rates: $95/hour
Afternoon Rates: $110/hour

Morning hours rates are good until 11:30 am.
Each additional hour you spend with the jet ski will be charged on the hourly rate.

Weekend Jet Ski Rental Cost: 
Morning Rates: $105/hour
Afternoon Rates: $125/hour

Pure Watersports 

34512 Embarcadero Place
Dana Point, CA 92629
(949) 661-4947

Jet Ski Rentals Cost Dana Point CA

"The Pure Watersports Staff is Super Friendly"

"The staff is super friendly and explains everything. Prices are very reasonable and the jet skis are super fast which make it more enjoyable.  I had an awesome time and would def recommend.

- Joshua Perry on Google.


Jet Ski Rentals

Jet Ski Rentals are available everyday of the week for groups or individuals.

Jet Ski Rentals Cost Dana Point CA

Awesome quality rentals

Pure Watersports rents Kawasaki Jet Skis.

Jet Ski Rentals Cost Dana Point CA

World class fun

Rent top quality  jet ski's at our Dana Point shop. You'll have an amazing adventure.

Kawasaki Jet Ski Rentals in Dana Point CA

A powerful Kawasaki jet ski rental from Pure Watersports can accommodate up to three passengers.The weight limit is clearly indicated on each machine. If you have three friends and you will like to share the joy of riding on the same water ski, you can rent one and enjoy the ride. If you’d like to compete, which is even more fun, you should rent several Kawaskai jet skis so that each one of your friends can have a chance to compete. The cost of renting a Kawasaki jet ski in Laguna Beach is very reasonable.  Apart from rental price, there are other things you will enjoy about the ski rental. They include the following:

Beginner jet ski riders can have some real fun!
You may be reluctant to contact us at Pure Watersports due to fear on how you can learn to be a competent jet ski driver. But, you should not be worried because everything has been made very quick, easy and fun. Pure Watersports in Dana Point has an introductory session where you are introduced to the ski after which you are left to ride. It is mandatory for you to undergo the pre-launch session so that you can master all the safety features of your Kawasaki Jet Ski. Your adventure on the water should be always safe. Rent one of our Kawasaki Jet Skis and you’ll enjoy your ride.

Enjoy taking photos.
Creating a memorable moment is essential. But, it will be even more fun if you can take stunning photos as you ride the Kawasaki jet ski. Our jet skiing launch location is selected to allow you take great pictures as you enjoy the fun on the waters. You will have photos to share on social media among other places after you decide to hire one of our well-maintained jet skis. Remember your safety should be treated with great care. As a way of trying to make the water sport in our establishment safe, we carry out regular checks and ensure the jet skis are working well. Old models are replaced from time to time to ensure adventure seekers are always offered the best jet ski to push their limits and enjoy the thrills of power and speed on the ocean.

Jet ski while watching birds and wildlife.
While jet skiing, you will have the opportunity to race behind birds, dolphins and other sea creatures. If you love watching wildlife, the jet skis will offer you the right opportunity to see them in the wild. It is an excellent idea for you to enjoy a great time with your friends and loved ones. The skis are built to offer great stability, even if you do tip over or fall off, you will remain afloat.

Jet ski with your friends and family to create everlasting memories.
The powerful Kawasaki jet skis at Pure Watersports in Dana Point can carry up to three passengers. It’s up to you to decide how fast you’d like to fly on the water. For an adrenaline rushing adventure, you can choose to go at lightning speed. There are others who prefer cruising at low speeds as they tool along at a pleasurable pace. You are free to decide on any speed you prefer provided you will enjoy the thrills.    So you see, it's not just about the  price of renting jet skis in Laguna Beach but many other variables.  

Visit Pure Watersports in Dana Point, CA.

Jet Ski Rentals Cost Dana Point CA

Jet Ski Rentals Cost Dana Point CA

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